Choose Your Wedding Services for a Dream Wedding in Koh Samui

Your decision to take your wedding vows in the tropical paradise of Koh Samui need not entail restrictions on wedding services. Thailand, especially Samui being a hot wedding destination, offer a wide variety of cheap wedding receptions services to suit your beliefs and dreams. From traditional Thai ceremonies to Buddhist rituals and Christian church wedding, the entire range of services is available for you to choose from.

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Koh Samui Wedding Packages 2014

One of the most popular among wedding services is Thai Buddhist Beach wedding. Straight out of brochures, Samui resorts have wedding packages that includes chanting monks, flower garlands and planting of love tree to commemorate your union, in accompaniment of long drum procession, Thai dance and sound of waves. Couples are blessed by holy monks and special meals for monks are arranged as part of the package, in addition to alms. Whether you believe in Buddhism or just want to experience local culture and traditions, this is much loved for its unique combination of spiritualism, symbolism, tranquility and dreamlike feel.

Or else, couples can choose a secular beach wedding in close company of nature. Idyllic beach wedding sets the perfect ambience of romance and intimacy, typically culminating in a spectacular sunset. A good choice for nature lovers, the ceremonies are not only stylish and out of this world, they are also environment-friendly to ease your conscience. A few Koh Samui wedding resorts also offer wedding services that are a beautiful blend of secular and Buddhist weddings. In this East-meets-West package, couples get to say ‘I do’ in a colorful and vibrant ceremony that has the grandeur and harmony of Thai Buddhist rituals as well as romance and simplicity of western weddings.

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Couples who want to have a more spiritual experience can opt for Buddhist temple wedding. Conducted by Buddhist monks within the premises of select temples, this ensures that your wedding in Thailand memories remain life long not only for you but also for your guests. The ceremony includes making merit by releasing birds and fish from captivity and planting love trees. Afterwards, Phuket weddings reception may be held on beachfront or garden setting as per your wish.

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Many prefer a Christian beach wedding or Catholic Church wedding, bringing together beliefs and dreams. Christian beach wedding is presided over by Christian Minister and will have all the charms and romantic appeal of beach wedding with setting sun as backdrop. Intimate, peaceful and confirming to religious beliefs, this is a popular choice of Christians from all over the world. Catholics who have always dreamt of a church wedding can opt for the same, even when the venue is Samui. There are many quaint churches in the island that host full Catholic wedding mass. Couples can choose the reception venue as per wish.

Koh Samui Weddings offer a wide range of wedding services from Thai to Western and a combination of both for couples to choose as per their religious beliefs and wishes.